Parents Day - July 22 - Tribute To Parents

Parents day is observed on Fourth Sunday of July every year in United States of America. I take this opportunity to show my love and gratitude to them on this occasion.

I appreciate my parents because they are SOLE REASON for my Existence. My parents Meena & Pralhad Patil are my role models. They are have been my pillar of strength. They have inspired me to be what I am and never expected me to change even for themselves. They were the first ones to notice my talent and encouraged me to fulfill my dreams through my talent. They have set example to live our principles by themselves leading such lives. They supported me in everything. They have shown how important is to be compassionate in life. Life has shown many ups and downs, but they have been the same in all days. They have lent helping hands to needy even in adverse times. Never ever I have seen them saying No to anyone. Even in adverse of financial conditions they provided me and my brother the best of education by themselves making small and big sacrifices of their wishes. This has inculcated habit of picking up things which are only necessary.

My parents were my childhood teachers and when i entered adolescent age they became my best friends. It was always a nice feeling to be at home as they have made it HOME in real means. All our life, we have been inculcated moral values, the importance of which we are realizing today. Sometimes punished, sometimes overlooked, sometimes warned, they have always been alert to point out mistakes done out of ignorance when we were kids. This has helped us a lot to think before we act and commit any mistake. They have always pin-pointed our bad aspects and praised good ones. This has taught us to differentiate between right and wrong. Nevertheless these things were not understood at that time, but now we know what lessons of life we were taught in our early life.

Well as every child seeks attention, this was given to us abundantly and that too without asking. We were pampered, scolded, punished and to the top of all most loved and we are lucky to have them in our lives as parents.

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