Best Ways To Beat The Heat In Summers

Summers seem a tough season to face. Thus we have to find various ways to keep ourselves fresh and active in this hot and scorching season.

Keeping our body hydrated is the most powerful challenge & i do this by drinking lots of water throughout the day. When water seems insufficient, i opt to rely on butter milk, coconut water, natural and fresh juices. I prefer having more fruits instead of filling my tummy fully with solid & heavy intake. I balance their proportion and have 50:50 portions of both. Curd is a good bacteria, which keeps hydrated and also keeps bad bacteria away.

Avoiding direct sun, i another way to beat the heat. I try avoiding going out in hot sun in afternoons. In any such situation, i make sure that i am fully equipped with sun screens, summer coat, shades, cap/hat, water bottle, umbrella, etc.

I make it a point to take shower with good refreshing shower gel twice a day so that my body feels fresh and all bacteria due to excess sweat is washed off.

Use of good deodorants and talcum powder seems an inevitable necessity of this season.

Going to hill stations in summer is common excuse to run away from heat and create memories. However i even like going for walks in early morning & at nights in summer season. Cool breeze not only refreshes body but also calms mind tormented by intense hot climate.

A tent house at terrace is an option in summers that kids will love. This is altogether a different adventure when can be experienced with leisure of being at home.

While splash pools, water parks, visits at waterfalls & beaches are few more options for beating the heat, they are greatest benefits of this season.

Another thing which i always stumble upon in summers is licking to my favorite ice cream and wondering what a boon it is!

To keep my skin healthy & glowing I apply face pack made of honey & lemon juice. Honey helps to retain required moisture on face, while lemon is natural bleach which removes tan due to scorching heat & also controls oil balance.

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