When Love Strickes

When love strikes in life wait of years come to end in seconds. Well that has been my story, rather my Love Story. I have been a introvert girl from beginning and it was really difficult for me to open up in front of someone. However when I was in love I couldn't realise it and when I did it was Magic Beyond Words. Well about 16 years back, I was college student who was interested in studies & looking forward for a bright career. As every girl dreams, I too dreamt of My Prince Charming 😎 but never knew he will come stealthily.

I used to see a boy (now my husband Bhupendra Rawat) casting glances but I never paid much attention, not because I was shy but I didn't feel any connection with him 😋 however one fine day I saw him approaching towards me, when I realized missing one heart beat 💓 I felt stars were shinning in bright day light. Curbing all fantasies I pretended to be normal, it was tough though 😁. He asked me to be his friend & don't know what made me say yes instantly and i asked his name in turn. Slowly we started getting along together before and after classes, sometimes in class as well, we were seated on one bench. I loved to share each & every thing with him as he listened to me very patiently. One more thing that he did patiently & willingly was to wait for me at stop. He used to accompany me to college, rather class from there and I always looked forward for such moments.

Eventually I started feeling for him. Once he was absent from college for 2-3 days and those were days I missed him badly. Those days made me realize how much important he is to me. I felt incomplete without having his glance in a day. Yes I was in love, but never knew his feelings, as he had not shared his feelings for me or for someone else either. I decided to observe him and know by myself if he liked me or not. As an introvert it would be difficult to take initiative to propose him, but I was mentally prepared for that too as I didn't want to loose such a loving and caring life partner. Yes I had started dreaming my life with him.

Few months passed and I couldn't come to any conclusion regarding his feelings towards me. So I decided to propose him on coming Valentine's Day. A day before that, I received call from our common friend regarding sharing my notes to him. He added that my guy was with him & he was near florist choosing rose. I was shattered. I repented for not opening up my feelings to him earlier and now he was going to another girl. Why my mind pre-decided all these things I don't know as he didn't say any such thing to me. However I had already bought rose in his name and I was determined to propose him, even if he didn't love me. At least I would be satisfied that he knows my feelings towards him. He texted me to wait for him at bus stop that day as he would be late. Later after sometime I saw him coming towards me and he gave me a book. I thought, " That's it, he bought me this book as his good friend as he knew that I love books on Valentine's Day". A little later he gave me chocolates where I was expecting a rose from him. My tears were almost out of my eyes as my heart pounded deeply. So I tried leaving without saying a word but he caught me by my hand and asked me to wait. It was difficult to hide my tears but somehow I did and behaved normally and was happy on receiving his gifts. I saw him putting his hand in bag and out came a beautiful rose bouquet. He forwarded it to me and whispered in my ears "I Love You" Oh My God I was dumbfounded & speechless. Though he didn't bow to his knees to propose me, I felt so, though he didn't made me wear ring, I felt so, though he didn't touch me, I felt him kissing me 💞. As I couldn't control my emotions I ran away without uttering any word just to find my friends waiting for me to exchange greetings & roses. He chased me but didn't come to me when I was with my gang, this was unusual as all my friends knew him. Bell rang proclaiming start of lecture and we all went inside. That day we sat away from each other but I stole glances of him while lecture was going on. Once it was over he came to me and took me to a corner and held my hand. I again missed heart beat, this time many more than first time 😆 I could utter nothing so just kissed him on his check and ran away straight at home.

In evening as per our daily schedule he called and wanted me to speak up that even I loved him. I slowly uttered, " I Love You Too" & he was flat on hearing them. We decided to get married with our parents permission after settling in our career.

We are now married with a 5 years old kid & our love is still fresh as rose bouquet that he had bought for me.

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