A Love Story Beyond Words

Incidents of life become stories and one story which everyone remembers and lives everyday is their 'Love Story'. Everyone has one love story and so do I. Well it wasn't easy to convince Hetal, my wife, neither then nor now. When I first saw her in college it wasn't something that had clicked to me or her. With days of passing by each other, eyes locking into each other's just for few nano seconds, thinking to make a move, there seemed no progress. Let me clarify that with A Move I meant to be friends with her. I lived this incident 16 years back and it's obvious that so called "zamana" wasn't so bold to make a move in just one glance. However, one fine day, the sun shone brightly just to pour it's bright sunshine on her. I could see no one else near me or her and my legs hesitatingly went towards here not knowing what to speak & how to start conversation. Her smile was pleasant & welcoming, but it only increased my heartbeats & nervousness. I had never felt this. I was bold guy who had friendly nature and what was happening was just opposite to my nature. However surpassing all such feelings I asked her to be my friend & then sorts of music started ringing in my ears when she accepted and in turn asked my name. Things started falling in place slowly with us and I realized she liked my company. She used to wait for me before and after classes leaving her friends behind & hours were spent talking. After few months, while we were still together as friends, I felt she feeling different for me. Though she never opened up her feelings (she doesn't do this now either) I felt something tickling in her eyes. When our eyes met we felt the world around us vanishing and we were lost in our world. Though I had many female friends surrounded by me, I never felt the same for anyone that I had for her. Her care, her sweet talks, her cute gestures had become things for which could die for. Still months passed without any one of us opening up but it brought us closer and closer. Days when we didn't meet were hardest to pass and when we were together hours seemed as seconds and would pass away soon.

An evening before Valentine's Day when I was strolling with my friends, I saw red roses being sold. Something clicked me, something in me told me to buy rose, I was confused why should I do so and for whom and then as universe has already planned, I felt that I want to give it to her on Valentine's day just because I love her. The world had changed for me now. I was happy, smiling, sorted & composed. A fear of her denial was haunting me but my heart was positive. So I asked flower vendor to supply me bouquet of red roses the next day. She loved chocolates & I bought one box of chocolates for her. What gift should I buy for her was a question hitting my head. On contemplating over sorts of things I found myself foolishly landing into simplest solution. I knew she loved books and so a book would be best gift to impress her and her smile would ease my job to propose her as well. I quickly bought a book on Inspirational Quotes and didn't wrap it as I was in no mood to create suspense & waste time. in unwrapping it further.

Next day I went to college with bouquet, chocolates & book. All had decided to wear red and she gracefully came dressed in red top and white jeans. I asked her to wait for me at bus stop unlike usual times when I reached early & waited for her. She didn't grunge over it, instead lovingly waited for me. I went to her and quickly slipped book in her hands. She was happy, her face was glowing on pleasant surprise. She seemed in hurry to attend class but I didn't let her go. She asked now what I wanted. Then turn of chocolates came which again had brought smile on her face and a sort of excitement & happiness in her behavior & body language. Thus on creating romantic environment, I took out rose bouquet from my bag (which I had carried for the first time in college to hide bouquet :)) and whispered in her ears, the three Magical Words "I Love You". After saying I wanted to run away because she was silent and froze for sometime. Those moments were like ages to pass. I didn't mind her denying but the wait was killing me.

After such dreadful moments, she took out rose from her bag and forwarded me with her eyes glowing and chicks blushing. I now stood frozen and did not know how to react on receiving such lovely surprise. When I was trying to believe on her reciprocal gesture, she took my hand in hers and slipped rose in my hand. She quickly went away from there without uttering a word. I requested her to stop and express in words what she exactly meant but she went off straight. I went behind her and found her surrounded by her troop. She gave loving glances but that killed me. I wanted her to speak and reciprocate my love which she wanted me to understand all by myself. I couldn't wait for the lecture to finish, but somehow kept staring at her without listening what was being taught. As soon as it got over I ran to her and took her in corner where light couldn't penetrate completely. I took her hand in mine and wanted her to speak. She didn't speak a word, instead blew a kiss on my chicks with soft rosy pink lips. It was a moment I can't forget ever in my life. Before I gain senses and realized what was happening she again stealthily ran away. I was now clear, she wanted to express and not speak. She did it twice but I failed both the times. However the same day she also confessed her love to me over phone and reciprocated with Magical Words. I told her that I wanted to spend entire life with her. She also dreamt the same and then it was decided amongst us mutually to concentrate on our studies first, build strong career and then marry with parents permission. Everything went on as planned and we tied knots with blessings & permission of our respective parents after 8 years of relationship, now having a kid of 5 years. However even now she hesitates in expressing her love and play action games for me to understand. This is her sweet gesture which makes me fall in love with her again and again even today, tomorrow & forever.

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