Deal or No Deal - The Remedy For Depression Is YOU

It's my own story which empowered me as a woman.

Life has its own ups and down, the magnitude of these changes leave impact on us, sometimes they teach us, sometimes it wraps up as an experience. Few weak people who cannot handle downfalls of their life run into depression. I fall in this category. Changes will be in our favour is not a situation all the time. A couple of incidents in my life were depressing, not in my favour. A counselor would have helped but I never had the courage to go. This would result in bringing the situation to the surface and making situations more worse. I had only one option I.e. to get out from this by my own. I studied reasons, symptoms, theories, cures of depression over Internet. In one such session I read "People Who Are Positive Can Make Their Ways From Depression As They Possess Ability To Do So". I wondered there and then how did I forget that the most beautiful virtue in me. Now I started reading how to get out of depression with positive attitude. I had completely forgotton that nothing can beat a woman and i am not a loser. I can fight circumstances on my own and come out of it. It was not easy but it was not impossible though. I never knew my worth before this situation. I engaged myself in reading, doing activities of my interest, cooking, nail art, etc and within few days a new hope took birth in me and I was in inner peace. Now whatever situation comes I try not to get depressed and do not disturb peace within. Depression empties mind of beholder in my case it made me emerge as a strong women.

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