My Super Hero Dad Taught Me This

  • Life is sum total of love we gain. It is the most important asset. Money is not important than relations so thrive to earn them by investing love and care.
  • Respect is a thing which can be received only if given abundantly. So never disrespect anyone young or old, rich or poor, friend or enemy. If today we insult someone tomorrow someone else will do the same. Leave no regrets for tomorrow.
  • It is very important to think once before acting and to think twice before reacting. Many of problems and issues can be sorted out with silent thinking and reacting wisely.
  • Adversities befall anytime and it is important to remain humble in those times. A person is judged on his behavior in odd times only.
  • Failures are stepping stones towards victory, learn from mistakes that caused failure, do not repeat them, work hard, take wise decisions and taste essence of victory which lies in the journey and not in destination.
  • The best time to build tomorrow is today, so shed off laziness and start working towards goal achievement. The more you work today the less burdened you will be tomorrow.
  • A simple formula to lead satisfactory life is - To Love Unconditionally - Live Exceptionally - Give Generously - Accept Willingly
  • Health is real wealth. So try to earn health, wealth will also respect you and come to you abundantly
  • Never to give up until the game is over, winning comes only to those who participate till end
  • There is no option to hard work, go on until you reach your destination with total satisfaction
  • Be helpful to all to make your soul smile and experience joy
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