I Am This Because Of You Dad

There have been many incidences in life when my father stood beside me and ensured that he is just not my father he is my protection shield, but one incident which is consider as foundation of my life is worth expressing. From the very beginning he was very keen and aspirant of having a female child. He was blessed and I took birth. He had dreamt of educating and making me independent woman of twentieth century. Withstanding opposition of family to deploy major part of savings (his earnings were also meager) in my education, that too in one of the top English medium schools of the city, he got me into it. Even though he knew that he will be left with very less savings at the end of the month he wanted me to live up to his dream. Well, I did so till graduation. After passing out as Commerce Graduate I decided to take up CA. He was happy to see my enthusiastic career goals and helped me with studies as well. Unfortunately after a year I realized that I won’t be able to complete this tough degree and he was the first one who asked me to quit and study something which I am comfortable with. He gave me options such as an advanced computer course or any master’s degree.

Among these I settled with doing PGDBA with IGNOU and work as well part time. He again nodded to my words. I went for inquiry at IGNOU center and came to know that it will take about 4 years to complete the entire course as it was distance learning and most of the students do job while pursuing it. I thought he will hesitate to take up the course owing to 4 long years of completion. As such I had already wasted nearly 2 years in CA inter level. As a father he was worried for my marriage and also wanted it to happen at right age. With all sorts of thoughts in mind I returned home and told him about the tenure of completion of the course. He readily agreed without any word about my age or marriage or anything. Believe me I was on cloud nine.

After few months the study started and I found issues with teachers, lack of proper coaching and awkward timings. I was in a fix I wasn’t mentally prepared to continue with the studies neither I wanted my parents to again worry about my swerving career. When he came to know this he immediately asked me to quit. I was relieved. He told me that he is with me in whatever decision I take – whether I opt studies or job. Lately after passage of six months I took up MBA distance learning admission from Symbiosis Distance Learning and completed successfully few months before my marriage. The support of my father was tremendous in completing the degree within stipulated time. He is key person who shaped my life and because of him only I am leading happy and independent life.

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