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Nothing can be achieved without taking risk. This sentence is heard many times in our life. When heard we node to it, but what when heading with a risk. While jumping into a new venture of business we calculate risks attached, very less attention is paid to minimal risks taken in everyday life to get fewer and smaller achievements. Risk is synonymous to success as it comes to only those are ready to take up and overcome whatever comes in the way to achieve anything.

Risk is sometimes associated with adventure. However this kind of risk is short lived and happiness derived from it is also temporal. For me risk should be taken for something you are into, something for which you bore passion and something for which you are in love with and when efforts are put into achieve that they transit to risks.

I graduated as Bachelor of Commerce, took Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance as main stream) but found my passion or liking nowhere in these subjects. I loved reading and thereby writing down my thoughts, emotions and whatever passed in my head. Yes it is true that I think too much :D This took a turn and I followed this trait unknowingly. I started writing blog, spiritual one though; need extensive translations from Indian Languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati) to English. At the same time I was working an account assistant in an export company. As days passed I got more inclined to my writing passion and started losing interest in figures of accounts and financial books. I left my job (biggest risk) just to give wings to my writing passion. Yeah it was big risky decision where everyone thought what can she earning just by writing and translating online. It was early years when blogging was seen just as a hobby and no serious profession. By and all I started earning through it (though meager) but I was satisfied. Slowly scenarios changed and things turned out good for me. Earnings increased which are much more than being in a job with multiple responsibilities and promotions. Even today writing is my hobby as well as profession and I am satisfied with what I am earning.

Through my blog’s medium I would want to throw some light upon equality and integrity of rights men and women. Both are part of society, both make society, still the dominance is in hands of men. Women are handling responsibility of home, kids, elders and working as well. They are paying contribution to mould a good society for tomorrow and this has to be respected. I might sound sarcastic but women has to be given a respectful position in society and I would like to take the risk to make it possible in a small way by writing articles on this topic and taking steps attached to it.

This blog post is taken up for #NaamBanteHaiRiskSe campaign on Mountain Dew India facebook page.

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