I Learnt To Live

The thread with we are attached to our partner is love, understanding, care, etc. all these are emotions we carry for each other. Beyond these emotions lies an aura of life which has to be measured and inculcated in life. My partner is an individual first and then he is husband to me. In the same way he plays many roles and acts accordingly. Being together there are many things I have learnt from him. With development of understanding, I have started to adopt his positive things. Well, I must admit there are many things that I have learnt from him.

Firstly I have learnt how to love and be loved from him. He taught me real meaning of love and what love demands in a relationship. Though he has been dominant in it he has always been soft and kind hearted to teach me goodness and essence of being in love.

Life isn’t bed of roses. There are struggles in every step and he showed me ways to cope up with them.

He knew how a daughter is pampered but helped me to transit from pampered daughter to responsible wife and daughter-in-law.

I learnt that overcoming fears I the only option to deal with it. I have seen him overcoming many of his fears and got encouraged to get out of mine as well.

He is very keen for cleanliness. Adopted this and now I am less messy.

I have seen him managing his time very well. I took time and learnt this virtue eventually.

He knows my weakness, rather, he has dug them out and stands in front of them to make me feel at ease and cope up with him with his support.

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