Happy Mother's Day 2017

My mother Meena Patil is an ordinary homemaker who took extra ordinary care of all members of the family and attended each one when required. Being a home maker is the hardest thing as you are on duty 24/7 still there is negligible respect and attention of others towards you. She was interested in stable career but sacrificed it for us. She’s been very supportive and was the first one to stand beside me when I wanted to marry my love. She is kinda authoritative in her decisions. She thinks practically about probable results and act accordingly. Her practical decisions never affect her love for me or anyone. If any decision is left to her, she has enough wisdom to get through the things and dig out the best alternative.

She is the best cook in the world. She certainly adds love to her food but food cooked by her tastes outstandingly sumptuous. She is very brilliant in kitchen with her innovative ideas for recipes, combination of unmatched ingredients, confident about her dish with lovely presentation, excellent kitchen hacks, useful advices, etc.

She is classy, loves to dress and present herself well. She believes that fashion should be simple yet impressive and proves it practically. Many take her as a teacher seeing her personality and body language. She has always been attentive to her interests admist all her responsibilities. She believes if she is happy within, she can effortlessly keep her family happy. She is an excellent speaker and has good convincing power. She speaks very humbly with others and chooses words not to hurt anyone. Even if she is sarcastic one is unable to trace it out.

She is best woman of my life. She is probably the first person I came to know even before entering the world. She took utmost care of me when I was sick with all her love, cooked delicious meals for me when I demanded, she stayed awake till midnight when I studied, she woke up before me to before dawn to wake me up to study, she played with me, my dolls and doll house, she narrated beautiful stories, I always wonder how and from where she got a new story each passing day, when I wrote my exams she prayed hard and took all tension, result day of mine seemed hers, she danced with joy seeing my good marks, she felt proud when I was praised, her eyes emitted happiness when she saw me performing on stage, although decision was mine for choosing a career, motivation was hers and the list go on and on, its endless. All she did without considering her own wishes, desires and dreams for me. My dreams were hers, she took all efforts in making them true. We belonged to middle class and she struggled a lot to help me complete my education. She didn’t buy anything for herself instead fulfilled our demands. She has been strongest woman I have seen in my life. She worked day and night to make me a better person. She wanted me to study well so that I do not face any financial pressure like her. She herself got buried to enlighten me. She stood all by herself, her forward thoughts and far off vision were nurtured in me. She has been supportive in every endeavor of mine and pointed out when I stepped wrong. She never hesitated to scold me or being strict, but always dealt with loving heart. Her anger was short lived and an outward emotion, deep within she has been full of love and care. Her mere glance makes me forget my worries and give me calmness. She has been and will always be best mother, best friend, best guide and best mentor to me. Thank you is a short word but when it comes from heart it is pregnant with deep meaning. Thank you mum for everything, you will always be in my heart. I love you to the core of my <3

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