For Whom "Yes" Would Be

On lighter side I would say if he doesn’t accept round chapattis from me or if he doesn’t want me to cook like his mom or he who accepts his mistake (never mind even if he is not guilty) after every argument, or initiates to take me to shopping or if he understands that I need a pair of new shoes every day, he is the one for whom my big “YES” is reserved.

Well sarcastically all these are fascinations of relationship and in practical things are absolutely different. Each one of us expects a smooth relationship once he or she enters into it the very same way. This smooth entrance does not always promise to return whatever is expected or dreamt of. Now a days to jump into marriage youth thinks and demands so many things from their partners. They are in search of a perfect one who can make them perfect. Unlike earlier when husband and wife would see each other only after marriage. Youth now put their TnC’s and make sure they get what they give. I being one of them agree and have certain (lot many, I think…Lol) expectations from my would-be and expect him to be get into the groove, sooner or later 😁😁 😁

It is always an understanding that bond two hearts well. I want him to understand what’s going on in my heart by just looking into my eyes.

He should stand by me in every thick and thin. He should support my decisions while protecting me from taking wrong ones as well.

My smile should be his greatest priority and yes I will fall for his smile as well!

He accepts with all my good qualities and flaws.

He should assure that his love will be my greatest pillar and he will love me to the heights of the moon and depths of the sea.

A true gentleman is the one who doesn’t show off his fake goodness. He should be transparent from day one.

Truth is always bitter but he should have courage to speak it to me without justifying my reaction in advance in his mind.

Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. I want him to understand this fact and help me overcome them with utmost love and support.

Mood swings are part and parcel of a woman. He should be able to tolerate them and get me back to track.

He should have guts to introduce me to his gang as his Lady Luck and tell them that he is proud of me, the way I am.

He should give a wild guess about my favourite dish and cook to surprise me. P.s. I will be doing this for rest of his life 😘

If he thinks he can fall in love with me over and over again everyday and ready to see me growing old, he is the one for me.

He should understand my career goals and accept them as his.

And the list goes on...😜

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